Hello again,
Since I posted the introductions we have progressed a little which is great and another step closer to our objectives in 2012.
We have discussed some feedback and changes on the suggested Logo of Tanked for the Samurai jersey and they are looking into this as I am writing this. This will be the last bit I need to send out my sponsorship letters/presentation to the companies I would love to ask for support for our plans in 2012.
Next up is the charity activities “pre-2012” and this was an IMPRESSIVE success over last few days. Last Sunday was the 1st Round of the Bricketwood Paintball Center – Winter Series. It is an “off season” series organized by Yorkie (the site manager) to keep us in the game. November will be round 2 and final round is in December with a Christmas Party in the evening which collects donations throughout the evening and then give it to a charity of their choice – Yorkie approached us Sunday during the tournament and told us that after speaking to the boy and girls during the tournament about Samurai MV and out plans for next year to give the money to our charity. Next thing I hear is that one of the teams participating (named: “STD Paintball Team”) was giving us their “financial leftovers” from the team savings of the season. I must say it was a great moment – we haven’t even started our campaign and already have received a huge support from players, friends and fans. SO thanks again to:
Our next trainings will be on the 6th and 13th of November and by we will be looking at orders more details and schedules for 2012 which I can already let you know some small details about …
One charity activity per month like i.e. an auction, 2-3 Paintball for Charity events (open invitation to play paintball and money goes to the CF Trust for every player on the field), travel to Germany, France and US to raise awareness and also funds … so it will be a packed year, but I think it will be just as rewarding in the end.
Wish us luck with our sponsorship hunt now – since this is the big variable at the moment.
Talk soon!