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London Samurai – 2015 Try Out

Are you ready to become a London Samurai? London Samurai Paintball is turning 10 next year and we are planning on strengthening our rosters across multiple squads playing from the top CPPS Division to the Entry level. As usual – every level of player is welcome – from the first time player to the paintball […]

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Empire Paint takes top spots at CPPS!

Empire Paint takes top spots at CPPS! Post by Empire Paintball. Like shooting lasers!

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We Won Division 1 and are promoted to Elite!

We Won Division 1 and are promoted to Elite! What a weekend….. Its been emotional! So proud of everyone for what we have achieved.  Buzzing just doesn’t cut it! After winning 4 games in Prelims and the Semi Final, we went out and won the Final. It was a crazy finish in the dark in […]

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2012 Season Summary – LONDON SAMURAI MV

“London Samurai MV gets started … and then, 5 years later, not even 7 days away from the first Millennium Series World Cup participation, ranked one of the top 100 teams in Europe. It seems like yesterday that we formed the team in memory of a team mate we lost. I’m still a bit lost […]

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Millennium Series 2012 – Round 4 – “World Cup”

It all built up to the final round of the Millenniums – World Cup in Paris!!!   Since we started this year, we had various activities and plans, of which one was running some charity events including a clinic with the one and only “Nicky T” from Planet Eclipse.   Nicky, having retired from active […]

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CPPS 2012 Rnd 4 Premiership B Series Champions

So how do you close a series on the last round, when you lead the division with 2 spots ahead of the next team in the table …? You make sure nobody doubts that you earned that  spot – period!   In a good old fashion – it was raining, it was cold, it was […]

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Millennium Series 2012 – Round 3 – “London Masters”

… And our take on how things need to be improved … It took me over a month to write this – because A LOT has been going on – and A LOT had to be digested, discussed and thought about regarding our home event, the London Masters from the 29th June – 1st July. In short […]

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CPPS 2012 – Round 3

Let’s play a game … I say an event and you tell me the weather conditions … ready? CPPS … Surprise surprise – it was round 3 and yes, it was raining, and cold … oh and did I mention “muddy” before? J This event was a chance for us to secure a podium finish […]

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Millennium Series2012 – Round 2 – “European Masters”

“Bitte ein Bit” is the slogan of the local beer they brew in town – yes we are talking Bitburg, second round of the series, aka. the “European Masters”. Following a great journey via EuroTunnel and some Autobahn we arrived at our destination early Thursday,  got our rooms and gear sorted and enjoyed some rays […]

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CPPS 2012 – Round 2

What better describes a day of paintballing in the cold, rain and mud than a GRUELING BATTLE! Every time I hear the word GRUELING it reminds me of the teaser of the DERDER Video of the “PSP M.A.O. (Midland Atlantic Open)” …   To the event … since Round 1 our Division had the “GRAND” […]

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