CPPS Round 1 (Division 2 – LSMV2)

This weekend saw the start of the CPPS season, and as usual the “CPPS weather” was there to welcome us.
Samurai MV2 drove up on Saturday to take advantage of pre-match day training.
We arrived and were amazed at the amount of work Ainsley and the CPPS team had put in during the off season.

CPPS Round 1

After a good start on Sunday, winning our first two games 2-0 against Sneaky Snorkels Tamworth and Spartans, our next two didn’t go so well.
We unfortunately lost 2-1 to Tigers PBR and 2-0 to Nexus Kids.  However we then went out on a high, winning our final prelim game against Onslaught with a convincing 2-0.


We would like to once again thank our sponsors, supporters and all the teams we played alongside:
Planet Eclipse – for the amazing markers that never fail on us, for the on and off field gear and the amazing tech support that you offer.
Empire Paintball – you truly know how to produce the most EVIL paint on the market, we all love seeing your paint streaming from the end of our barrels.
HK Army – we adore the fit, feel and styling of our Hardline Jerseys.
LiPS – thank you for always having the spares and other goods we need to keep us in the game.
Bricket Wood Training Centre – thank you for ensuring that the bunkers are always set up according to the layouts we’re going to play, so we feel prepared and confident going into the fight.

Bring on round 2!

End of a long day...