In good old Samurai Fashion - first game on. Was a great game against London Nexus, final Score 5:2. Next two matches are Birmingham Disruption & Copenhagen Ducks. #londonsamurai #blitzedmedia #planeteclipse #virtuepaintball  Prelims over for London Samurai - 2:1 win vs NPF Raiders - 3:3 overtime win vs TopCats - 4:1 win vs Fearless ... Next stop Semi-Finals vs Jaguars. SA - MU - RAI!!!! #blitzedmedia #virtuepaintball #planeteclipse #LondonSamurai
 ... And to close the day - our MVP George!!! with a proud Dad taking the trophy home. Hard work paid off - congratulations buddy! #londonsamurai #beastmode  Our fantastic media team spending the morning with us ... Looking forward to the shots after the event! @lluciawood @lluciawoodphotodiary #blitzedmedia
 It was a tough day - and our hats are tipped to all the teams in D1 we played against. Sportsmanship and battling it out on the field point for point. London Samurai is back in the Elite Division and we are looking forward to the next round with even tougher teams to go up against! Huge thank you for all the support on the day from our helpers and sponsors #planeteclipse #virtuepaintball #blitzedmedia #justpaintball #londonsamurai #thejourneyneverends  Game face - boys are mentally getting into the game - wishing them the best today at CPPS. Updates to follow #LondonSamurai #focus #planeteclipse #virtuepaintball
 The boys hydrating after the Semi Finals won - on to the finals. 4:1 vs Jaguars - was a really tough game - hat off to the boys on both teams. #LondonSamurai #planeteclipse #virtuepaintball #blitzedmedia
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