Roll on the new season, 2014!
You can almost cut the tension with a knife, it’s the time of year when ballers come alive.

All our teams have now received and unpacked their new gear from our supporters (and I bet have all tried it on and walked around the house with big smiles on their faces, I know I have!).PE Lv1 in stand

The new Official Planet Eclipse playing gear is super comfortable and will no doubt stand up to all the punishment we can throw at them. We’ll also be rocking Official Planet Eclipse casual gear, which will be worn with pride.

We are chomping at the bit to get our fingers working on the triggers of the Official Planet Eclipse markers which all Samurai teams will be shooting this season. The markers never let us down, but if there’s ever a user error, the tech’s are always on hand offering us the best support possible.


2013 Season TrophiesFor 2014 we will once again be shooting the finest paint on the market, supplied of course, by Empire Paintball (KEE) who looked after all of Samurai’s paint needs in 2013.

Empire paint mixed with Official Planet Eclipse markers made such a superb combination it put all three Samurai teams on the podium last season, with MV and MV2 taking second overall and TopCats taking a very close third, in their respective divisions.

We’d also like to thank HK army for the hardline jerseys they supplied us with, we felt like rock stars wearing them.

A big shout out to LiPS who have supported us throughout the season, both at CPPS and in between contests, so we recommend you visit LiPS for all your paintball needs!

Last but not least, we’ve been training at Bricket Wood, the site has gone through some big changes in the last year and it is looking better than ever. Samurai would like to thank Yorkie and the team for looking after our training needs in 2013, and we look forward to the continued support in 2014.

London Samurai MV2 2013

Train hard, play better…

Roll on Sunday!!! Lets make some new friends off the field, fight with honour and determination on the field and have a great season…