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SPL Round 4 – Rage through the Storm

Over the weekend of the 9th August, Samurai Rage took to the field to play Round 4 of the Southern Paintball League at Bricketwood Paintball Centre. The Saturday was a chance for the group to train and learn the field dynamics. Linking in with another team who were also participating in the SPL, Rage and DOA […]

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SPL Round 1 – Rages return from the ashes

SPL Round 1 – Rages return from the ashes Back in December, the Samurai Rage name was given the opportunity to resurrect from the ashes and despite a hard start to get members together, eventually seven willing players, made up of both experienced and new players enlisted and the training began. The aim, to bring […]

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New Jerseys and Teams – Samurai Paintball is growing and growing

Besides the good old training and working on our skills in Samurai MV – there is a lot going on behind the scenes which many might not be so aware about.   The 2012 jerseys have arrived the Tuesday before the Millenniums and we finally had a chance to bring them to training and hand […]

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We’re almost there … only 6 weeks left of this year

Well here we are – mid of November and quite a few things have been happening. THE TOURNAMENT – WINTER SERIES First off we have been participating in the RaceTo2 Division of the Bricketwood Winter Series (Round 2), which was a huge experience and learning curve for the team looking at 2012. We arrived as […]

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