CPPS Round 1 Bittersweet

CPPS Round 1 Bittersweet. It’s finally here….CPPS round 1. After months of waiting and weeks of preparation, it was finally upon us and pumped isn’t even the word to describe it. Following a successful 3rd place finish in 2013 Topcats felt it was time to step it up a level and play Div 2 Race […]

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An Interview with James Riley

An Interview with James Riley…  London Samurai Paintball Owner and Manger.   LSP: James, could you introduce yourself? “My name is James Riley, I play for London Samurai MV and am the Owner and Manager of London Samurai Paintball.” “I was born in Germany in 1975, my father was a GI based in Frankfurt, this […]

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Rainbow Colours!

CPPS Round 1 (Division 2 – LSMV2)

CPPS Round 1 (Division 2 – LSMV2) This weekend saw the start of the CPPS season, and as usual the “CPPS weather” was there to welcome us. Samurai MV2 drove up on Saturday to take advantage of pre-match day training. We arrived and were amazed at the amount of work Ainsley and the CPPS team […]

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We Won Division 1 and are promoted to Elite!

We Won Division 1 and are promoted to Elite! What a weekend….. Its been emotional! So proud of everyone for what we have achieved.  Buzzing just doesn’t cut it! After winning 4 games in Prelims and the Semi Final, we went out and won the Final. It was a crazy finish in the dark in […]

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2012 Season Summary – LONDON SAMURAI MV

“London Samurai MV gets started … and then, 5 years later, not even 7 days away from the first Millennium Series World Cup participation, ranked one of the top 100 teams in Europe. It seems like yesterday that we formed the team in memory of a team mate we lost. I’m still a bit lost […]

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CPPS 2012 – Round 3

Let’s play a game … I say an event and you tell me the weather conditions … ready? CPPS … Surprise surprise – it was round 3 and yes, it was raining, and cold … oh and did I mention “muddy” before? J This event was a chance for us to secure a podium finish […]

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Millennium Series2012 – Round 2 – “European Masters”

“Bitte ein Bit” is the slogan of the local beer they brew in town – yes we are talking Bitburg, second round of the series, aka. the “European Masters”. Following a great journey via EuroTunnel and some Autobahn we arrived at our destination early Thursday,  got our rooms and gear sorted and enjoyed some rays […]

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New Jerseys and Teams – Samurai Paintball is growing and growing

Besides the good old training and working on our skills in Samurai MV – there is a lot going on behind the scenes which many might not be so aware about.   The 2012 jerseys have arrived the Tuesday before the Millenniums and we finally had a chance to bring them to training and hand […]

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Last preparations & Riviera Cup 2012, here we come!

As we had our first CPPS we also have started our first initiative in putting up collection boxes for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust @ the CPPS event, we now are still in the process in ordering our flyers for the events, they costed more than we though they would – but hope they will bring […]

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First Introductions …

As usual in the beginning – introductions are in order … so here we go: My name is James and I play for a tournament paintball team in the London area in the UK which is named Samurai MV. Tournament paintball is a bit different to the “normal” paintball sites or events you would go […]

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